Artist: Beulah

Album: The Believer Music Issue June/July 2004

Appears On (Mixes):

Song Notes: As-I-Listen Review I've been meaning to pick up the Beulah album for some time, just based on people's recommendations. So it's good that they've put a Beulah track on this CD. So now I can know whether or not I was right or wrong to neglect to pick it up for so long. Hm. I like the music, but the vocals are a little annoying. I think they're one of the Elephant 6 bands, or failing that, a Friend Of The E6 Collective, and at least I can kinda hear that in there, even though the only E6 band I really like is the Apples in stereo (but I fucking ADORE them, so, there you go). I kinda like this, and the question of whether or not I should have picked up their new album by now is still unresolved. I'm kinda leaning towards "should have" though. But I could still go either way on it. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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