You're Pathetic - Songs for the Pathetic is the first studio album by the solo act Science Teacher, released on November 2, 2007. The album focuses on themes such as patheticness, science and goats.

The album has produced several hits, including "I Like Big Bunsens" and the Grammy-Award winning "Too Scottish For My Classroom".

Songs for the Pathetic peaked at #145 on the U.S. Billboard 200.


Science Teacher started working on his album after he discovered his vocal talents in the third annual "Long Bay College Idol". "I wrote most of tha material after increasing frustations from ma year 9 accelerate class" says the hit artist in a recent interveiw with New Zealand music channel C4.

Writing and compositionEdit

The writing and composition stage took just over four months, and took place from June - October this year. The songs are mostly cheap versions of other hit songs with slightly edited lyrics. This meant that the composition phase did not take long, but it took several weeks for him to be able to find others willing to play the accompaniment parts.

Promotion and releaseEdit

Several posters were put up around Science Teacher's place of work, and eventually word got out about the 'hot new album'. Two singles were released, and both these were huge hits (mostly amongst the students of 9B). The album has now been released commercially, and to date has sold nearly 10,000 copies.


  • 1. Goats, Goats, Goats (3.21)
  • 2. I Like Big Bunsens(4.08)
  • 3. Too Scottish For My Classroom (4.16)
  • 4. I'm a Science Teacher1 (3.56)
  • 5. Welcome to the Bunsen Parade (5.06)
  • 6. Macadamia1(2.34)

1Name changed due to copyright issues


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