You is the twenty-third studio album by American singer Aretha Franklin, Released on October 16, 1975 by Atlantic Records. It was a critical and commercial disappointment, stalling at #83 on Billboard's album chart. The album's only pop chart single, "Mr. D.J." stalled at just #53 on Billboard's Hot 100, while climbing to only #13 R&B. The title track, issued as the follow-up, reached #15 R&B. The album brought an end to Aretha's long collaboration with producer Jerry Wexler, after signing with Atlantic in 1967. This album is long out-of-print. The album was released on compact disc in Europe in 2008.


 [hide*1 Track Listing

Track Listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Mr D.J. (5 For The D.J.)" (Aretha Franklin)
  2. "It Only Happens (When I Look At You)" (Ken Gold, Michael Denne)
  3. "I'm Not Strong Enough To Love You Again" (Frank Johnson)
  4. "Walk Softly" (Van McCoy)
  5. "You Make My Life" (Bettye Crutcher, Frederick Knight)
  6. "Without You" (Randy Stewart, Mack Rice)
  7. "The Sha-La Bandit" (Jerry Ferguson, Wade Davis)
  8. "You" (Jerry Butler, Marvin Yancy, Randy Stewart)
  9. "You Got All The Aces" (Ronnie Shannon)
  10. "As Long As You Are There" (Carolyn Franklin)




  • George Annis - copyist
  • Norman Dugger - cover photo
  • Aretha Franklin - producer, re-mix
  • Steve Hall - assistant engineer
  • Dave Hassinger - re-mix
  • Frank Kejmar - recording engineer
  • Jim Nipar - assisting re-mix engineer
  • Gene Page - arranger
  • Jerry Wexler - producer

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