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You Rock My World takes the form of a short film, based on a story written by Michael Jackson and Paul Hunter. It follows a story in which Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker spot an attractive woman (played by actress-choreographer Kishaya Dudley) and follow her into a gangster-infested nightclub (called The Waterfront Hotel, in reference to the famous film starring Marlon Brando, who plays the club's owner in this music video). Obviously, they are not wanted there, because it seems the woman already has a love interest (played by Michael Madsen). However, Jackson is determined to meet this woman.

Upon entering the club Chris Tucker obviously spoofs some of Jackson's earlier songs by using "Bad", "Beat it" and "Dangerous" as well as Jackson's unique pronunciation of the phrase "C'mon" in normal sentences, warning him about the girl he's about to meet. Jackson serenades her with a song ("You Rock My World"), as well as performing his complicated dance moves. He is then challenged to a fight by one of the regulars at the club (played by Billy Drago). When asked by Drago to "show me what you got," Jackson, backed by a line of dancers, in front of Anthony "Tone" Talauega and Richmond Talauega. Right before the dance sequence Drago says to Jackson, "Is that all you got? That ain't nothin'! You ain't nothin'!". The dialogue used by Drago could be a reference to Jackson's movie of Bad. This provokes Jackson into punching Drago at the end of the number, the violence leading to the breakout of a fire in the building. When he evacuates the building and finally meets up with the attractive woman, the two share an intimate moment before driving away in Tucker's car. The cast also includes one of Jackson's confidants, Frank Tyson (who appears in only one shot).

The video won an NAACP Image Award for Best Music Video in 2001. There are short-film and single-length versions of the video. There is also a longer version of the video featuring more dialogue between Tucker and Jackson.

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