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Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Canada

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You Say Party! We Say Die! is a Canadian dance-punk five piece band. Their album Hit The Floor was released in September 2005, and they are set to embark on a national tour of Canada in February of 2006 and an international tour of the United Kingdom in March of 2006.

Founding members of the band had played together in The Progressive Thinker, a popular Abbotsford underground math-garage band.

You Say Party! We Say Die! started out in 2004, and gained some instant notoriety for their "willingness to play anything, anywhere, anytime". Their first show was played in a church basement in Abbotsford opening for Fun 100. That year, they independently released an EP called Idansk Wadi (translated: "Dance Squad").

In 2005, the band began recieving press as the five members toured Canada, occasionally opening for acts such as The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves. They released an album called Hit The Floor!You Say Party! We Say Die!Hit The Floor! in September, recieved some positive reviews, and performed at Pop Montreal.

The band has a tour of the western United States and the United Kingdom planned for spring of 2006.





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