You Will Never Be One of Us
You Will Never Be One of Us
Studio album by Nails
Released June 17, 2016
Genre Grindcore
Length 21:43
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Kurt Ballou
Nails chronology
Abandon All Life
You Will Never Be One of Us

You Will Never Be One of Us is the third studio album by the American grindcore band Nails, which was released on June 17, 2016. It is the band's first album issued through Nuclear Blast Records.[1] It is their longest release to date at 21 minutes, and features their longest song, "They Come Crawling Back", which runs for eight minutes.

Track listingEdit

Track listing adapted from store listing.[2]

No. Title Length
1. "You Will Never Be One of Us"   1:29
2. "Friend to All"   0:45
3. "Made to Make You Fall"   0:55
4. "Life Is a Death Sentence"   1:39
5. "Violence Is Forever"   3:26
6. "Savage Intolerance"   1:46
7. "In Pain"   1:01
8. "Parasite"   0:55
9. "Into Quietus"   1:33
10. "They Come Crawling Back"   8:14
Total length:


  • Todd Jones – guitars, vocals
  • John Gianelli – bass, backing vocals
  • Taylor Young – drums
  • Monte Conner - A&R
  • Kurt Ballou – producer, engineering, mixing
  • Wrest – artwork
  • Brad Boatright - mastering
  • Scott Magrath - design, layout
  • Taylor Young - engineering (additional vocals)
  • Jimmy Hubbard - photography


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