File:Youwontforget4 200.jpg
File:"You Won't Forget About Me" - Dannii Minogue

You Won't Forget About Me was inspired by the television show Sex and the City and is filled with rewind and fast-forward sequences. Dannii's date is played by her friend, male model Benjamin Hart.

The video begins with Dannii returning home from a date. She then takes off her dress, slips into an oversized t-shirt, and then has a girls night out with her girlfriends at her house; drinking, dancing, and playing around. Dannii's date from before then calls her on the phone and she begins to get ready from her next date. She takes off her shirt and lays on her bed. Daydreaming about her and her date being intimate. Dannii's girlfriends then help her get dressed, in the same blue dress, and they start dancing and playing around a final time before Dannii notices the doorbell. She puts her barette back in her hair, answers the door, and leaves with her date.

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