Young Texas is a rapper from Texas that is part of the down-south genre of hip-hop. He is awaiting his debut album to hit sometime in 2009. He appeared on Ka$h's "On The Dro" and appeared on AJG's solo album along with Ka$h on the 5th single Watch Me Do It.



  • Certified Gangsta (2009)


Year Single Charts Album
Sub Main
2008 "When I Slide Through" - - Certified Gangsta
"Take A Ride In The Slab" - -

As Featured ArtistEdit

Year Single Charts Album
Sub Main
2008 "On The Dro" (Ka$h Feat. Young Texas) #22 - The Motivation
"Watch Me Do It" (AJG Feat. Ka$h & Young Texas) #1 #15 AJG

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