Zeitgeist Rekords is a record label located in the United States.

History Edit

Formed in 1999 by musician and producer Ellard, Zeitgeist Rekords is an eclectic, independent rekord label that puts out music from artists that believe in swordfish. The music on this label ranges from electronic folk-punk to math rock to avante-garde noise compositions. Ellard established the label to release music from his band Pono.

The label was founded in Stuart, Florida but is now based in San Franisco, CA.

The symbol of the label is a urinal which conjures Marcel Duchamps' attempt to free artists from certain institutional constraints.

According to Ellard, "Any sound can be music. Some people think music is strictly entertainment but for me it is art. And in art not knowing the rules allows a greater freedom to use the range of sounds that exist in the universe. As a musician my best creations have spawned from mistakes which the universe so kindly provides me. The great musicians learn to channel the randomness of the universe to make interesting sounds and music."

Bands/Artists under the label Edit

Zeitgeist Rekords artists include Pono, He-Art, Painted Bird, Pillow Pusher, Rocket Culture, and The Interchangeable Hearts. A complete list of releases can be found at [1]

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